Crossfacer Wrestling Stats 

Crossfacer is the ultimate amateur wrestling statistician.  This program is customizable for wrestlers of any ages, from elementary school through Olympians.  You get both the folkstyle and freestyle versions of Crossfacer when you order.  Check it out here.

There are also utilities for Crossfacer available at the Download Center.

Auction Eagle 

Auction Eagle will watch your eBay auctions and provide details about every auction you are bidding on or selling.  Auction Eagle will automatically lookup all of the auctions your are bidding on and selling and it will notify you in real-time whenever you are outbid or when an auctions ends.

Check out the official Auction Eagle site for details.
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As a FREE gift to you, Swensota Software has developed these programs.

QBR - Quarterback Rating Calculator
Our quarterback rating calculator will show you the rating for any quarterback by using the extremely complex NFL quarterback rating system.  This program is FREE at the  Download Center.
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Video Poker is a free gift from Swensota Software. Casino style video poker for your PC. And best of all, it's FREE. See the Video Poker page.

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